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Our Infrastructure Key Feature

WhyChooseustpM/s – Immense Techie Four International Pvt Ltd Leading Servers Hosting Company by and by offering Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting, Cloud VPS Server Hosting, Cloud Computing and ERP Cloud Solution with the wide extent of specific. Check out our webpage Next level standard web working with that ensures an exclusively solid environment including astonishing processors, SSD or SATA Storage, unmetered data transmission, extremely fast speed, and totally progressed working with structure.

Our Colocation Top Tier 3 and 4 Tier Web Space is typically rented similar to rack, department, or walled in area for you the on demand high openness of handling resources like data amassing, root level access, the RAID 0 or RAID 1, power experiences, Advanced Security – SSL, AES, DDoS Protection, higher exchange speed, 99.90% guaranteed uptime while ensuring the use of CDN overall individual time, Also with improved power consumption with GPUs that have data taking care of force for more than 100+ CPUs.


We offer our all hosting solutions in both windows and Linux. Moreover, our windows and Linux support is always there regardless of what issue you are facing.


With our fast and ultra-reliable servers, you can easily depend upon our servers for the best uptime always.


You will get a high level of redundancy with an optimal speed from ultimate storage distribution on SSD disks.

DDoS Shield

We have dedicated security professionals that take care of your servers. With the shielded layer of Anti-DDoS protection and firewalls, you are safe.


Keep your website and application always up with 99% uptime and redundant servers. Your servers are mirrored by our 3tier data centers.

fast deploy

With our instant setup service, you will be online in just a few seconds. We are there to plan everything for you.


Our hosting solutions are fully reliable, secured and extremely high speed structured with premium resources that boost your business performance.


From micro to large, we have a design plan for everyone. You can also upgrade your servers anytime when your business grows.

Greater Network

We are well known and trusted hosting provider in the market and all thanks to our best-connected and fastest network.


Our support team is among the highly rated, fast, friendly and helpful. We are available round the clock to deliver you the best possible solution.


After digitalisation, cloud solutions become the foundation for growth. These enterprise cloud solutions have breakthrough technologies that provide ultimate experiences, security and new ways of doing business smartly and securely. It4int can help you maximize your business potential with its enterprise cloud solutions. Our experts will not only transform your technology but always transform you, your customers, people, working and processes. So when you are choosing IT4INT, you are getting the benefit of partnering with the cloud and technology experts.

Different assets incorporate purchasing admittance to electronic programming projects or Software as a Service (SaaS). Buying Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

The advantages of distributed computing identify with security and cost investment funds. Getting and introducing equipment is costly and tedious. When utilizing a cloud merchant all things considered, you request administrations on-request.

Public Cloud

In our public cloud computing, you will get the cloud resources that are owned and monitored by the third-party cloud server. With public cloud computing, the infrastructure mainly includes hardware, software and other supporting components that are managed and owned by the cloud provider. Read More

Hybrid Cloud

In our hybrid clouding, we combine the on-premises infrastructure or the private cloud with the public cloud. This cloud computing permits the data and apps to move in two environments. These Hybrid cloud servers take less time in cloud communication and deliver low latency and reliable operations. Read More

Private Cloud

Private clouding consists of cloud computing resources that are exclusively used by one organisation or business. Our private cloud computing servers make customisation easier to meet specific IT needs. You can also take the benefit of more flexibility, more control & more scalability with private cloud servers. Read More

Server Colocation is the technique for conveying and facilitating a venture claimed server in the midst of an oversaw administration climate.

In our Colocation services, we will look to your infrastructure like it’s our own infrastructure. We offer you comprehensive data centre colocation services that help your IT infrastructure get the top network, flexible power and bandwidth options at cheap rates. If you want to continue your Business and decrease its expenses, colocation services can be the ideal choice for your business. The benefits you will get with our server colocation is flexibility, robust security, managed services, a user-friendly control panel, a supportive risk management team and high memory large disk drives.


So what else you are demanding for your business? All of our solutions are globally standardized. You can be confident that we keep you up no matter what scale and location you have. Now you can overcome the hosting challenges that involve the lack of control, unutilised infrastructure and compliance. We offer you the most reliable server colocation services that will deliver you the 100% uptime, best connectivity and security you need for your server, network and storage infrastructure.
colocation server

1. Limited capital costs, in light of the fact that the systems administration, firewalls, power, cooling, and rack are presented by Go4hosting in return for negligible lease, which diminishes further as a greater amount of the absolute rack is imparted to different buyers.

2. High openness, as the servers utilize excess organization courses, have reinforcement power, correspondence lines from different help providers, brought together HVAC, and security highlights.

3. Each of our server farms have brought together perception controls for every one of the servers facilitated under them, using committed staff to affirm that customers are cautioned assuming a server or application faces issues.
4 . Incorporated advantages are presented with colocation administration providers for easier far off organization of the server from the customer’s premises. 
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Data Center Key Features


Our Data Centers are designed to provide your business with ready to go solutions. From single to multilevel, It4int got you covered with the ultimate power backed with the experience, resiliency and security in the digital world.

We give continuous power reinforcement. Our reinforcement frameworks are completely N+1 excess across the frameworks

Our data centers deploy repetitive Cisco and Foundry parts to keep away from any part disappointment. Furnished with big business class innovation and systems administration arrangements, we empower our customers to profit from decreased expenses, upgraded versatility and improved on IT the board.

  • Security -> At It4int, we know that customer security is fundamental to our success, therefore we have protected our all data center with the most comprehensive security standards.
  • Compliance -> We have strictly followed all the compliance programs including industry standards, rules and regulations in our all globally situated data center.
  • Control -> We take care of our data center infrastructure without compromising security and control. For us, control is our safety which we ensure and promote in our data centers 
  • Power-> Our ready to go data centers are built with the power and innovation which can meet any of your specific requirements.
  • Robust infrastructure -> Our enterprise-grade 3 tier data centers are built with excellent features to meet the most complex demands.
  • Flexibility -> Using our data services means that you are working with the experts. You will get so many opportunities to grow and most of our data centers. Read more
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What Client Say?

The Journey of thousand miles starts with single step, The Secret to getting ahead is getting started



Dedicated hosting comes with a website hosting platform where you get the highest level of resources, privacy and control. Dedicated servers are not shared services, you are getting completely isolating services from the dedicated servers. You have full access to the configuration, no one has the authority to affect your server or share your resources.

SSD incorporated dedicated servers provide high speed. Unlike HDD, does not have any part that read or write data. It Stores all data in microchips. And this is the difference that makes SSD so fast.

Getting started with dedicating hosting is not an easy task, you have to identify the needs of your business accordingly go with that package that suits your business resources and services requirements. After deciding the package to buy for your website, sign up to buy the dedicated server. And we will deliver the same to you within just a few minutes.

We will give you already dedicated server hosting in just a few minutes, ensure the same that you are getting access to it instantly.

We offer full root access with our all dedicated server hosting range that comes with Linux and Windows dedicated hosting. This means that you will get administrative control over your server.

We offer one IP address with each dedicated server hosting plan. Additionally, if you want to take more IPs, then you can ask for it by paying an additional amount.

Host in distributed computing is a virtualized server made from a few associated servers that offers web facilitating administrations to customers.

In other facilitating administrations like shared server or devoted server facilitating administrations, the specialist organization gives both the gear just as the space for the facilitating. Though in colocation facilitating administrations, you should give the hardware we as a facilitating prover will lease you space, force and data transfer capacity to ensure that your administrations run continuous.
Yes, we offer free migration services to all the users who want to migrate our server. Although the process of transferring is quite complex and time-consuming. But we want to help our customers in every way we can.
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