Bulk E-MAIL server

We offers email marketing and bulk email clients. We realize you are probably a compliant mailer, however as you may be aware, many of your competitors simply register for a service to use it for a short period of time, black list the ranges and then cancel the service.

Since IPs must rest between usages, we need to charge a premium for IPs in order to make up for lost revenue during their downtime. A dedicated server is required to utilize our services for any type of mailing or newsletter services.

Once you have an account which has been active for a minimum of three months and in good standing, you can order additional prepaid services with no setup fee and a reduced cost per additional IPv4 range.

Bulk Email Server

  • Email Server Intel E3-1240v3 Bulk IP

    • RAM 32GB

    • HHD 500GB SSD

    • Bandwidth 10TB

    • Port Speed 1Gbps

    • =========

    • Month-to-Month Service

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    • Prepaid Service. Prepaid for 3 months in advance
    From $281.30/mo
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Please note, we only allows email marketing activities to be hosted on our Dedicated Server platform. 
Mailing IPs are provisioned on a segregated section of our network, to ensure the integrity and safety of our network. E-mail marketing services through port 25 require an IP mailing package so we can separate your services from our other clients on the network.

Please note, once you’ve established a positive, clean reputation with us, your dedicated account manager will reach out to offer you the same service at a significantly reduced cost, assuming the mailing remains compliant during the first 1-3 months of usage. For that reason, I recommend you start with a smaller IP range to keep costs low while building a positive reputation on our network.

Mailing-enabled IPs are delivered at the below pricing structure: 
1) Month-to-Month Service
/29 (8) IP Addresses – $180.80/mo
/28 (13) IP Addresses – $262.55/mo
/27 (29) IP Addresses – $431.50/month
/26 (61) IP Addresses – $540.50/month
/25 (125) IP Addresses – $704.00/month
/24 (253) IP Addresses – $1,031.00/month
Setup Fee: $200.50 (One Time)
2) Prepaid Service. Prepaid for 3 months in advance.
/29 (8) IP Addresses – $164.45/mo
/28 (13) IP Addresses – $180.80/mo
/27 (29) IP Addresses – $289.80/month
/26 (61) IP Addresses – $377.00/month
/25 (125) IP Addresses – $540.50/month
/24 (253) IP Addresses – $867.50/month
Setup Fee:  $200.50   (One Time)
Please let me know if you’d like for me to send a quote based upon mailing IPs (which would allow you to do what you’re needing to do, and also be delivered with port 25 enabled).
I greatly appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you!

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