Cocos 2D is an open source software framework which is having the capability to merge with third-party libraries and used to develop cross platform apps for Android and iOS. Cocos2D includes 2D game, Cocos Studio, Cocos Shop, Cocos IDE. Perhaps cocos 2d game is one of the most used tools by those professional game developers and enthusiasts who wants to create innovative and addictive games and posses creative idea of programming

IT4Int, has developed the expertise that possesses in depth level of  understanding of every concept of Cocos 2D game development to deliver user based interactive games which makes the user attached with it, and here we create these games through different versions of the software. As already mention cocos 2D is an open source framework that enables easy programming for cross platform 2D games, Cocos 2D provides a diverse range of development with the least effort which ultimately leads to make the total app development process cost-effective.

Build Size and loading time are vey important aspect in any game. At IT4Int we have a dedicated team to develop Cocos 2d game. This team is full of experts who have got expertise in optimizing loading time and can optimize the build size to give best in class game solutions. In addition with the performance of the games they make game fully fledged with proper memory management. We strictly follow timeline given by our customers to provide 100 percent on time delivery while having an amazing user interface to keep the users entertained and attached to it. To keep you in synch with our project development we send you periodically project status reports. Finally, giving you a smooth and error free backend with wonderful interface acting at front end for users.

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