Server Colocation & Rack Colocation

Quick, dependable, and secure worker colocation answers for meet your unmistakable business prerequisites. Set up your first every colocation facilitating climate and host on an exceptionally accessible server farm with over 99.95% uptime, double force reinforcement and N-N repetitive design. Additionally get every minute of every day support on your colocation environment with oversaw administrations. Set up at this point.

    Server Colocation

    Colocation is the technique for sending and facilitating an endeavor claimed worker in the midst of an oversaw administration climate. colocation-server
    It’s anything but a company to send their concerned workers at a prior server farm or IT administrations office. The worker related administrations, programming bundles and different applications are totally overseen by the customer, though the oversaw specialist co-op (MSP) conveys the assets of the actual plot, force, and organization network.

    Under server colocation, the worker remains the property of the shopper, anyway it is taken care of and oversaw by the MSP or sometimes, the cloud administration provider (CSP). The client or entrepreneur gets to the particular worker across the web or over a VPN connect. The significant goal behind the possibility of worker colocation is to devour expanded IT support administrations and key Information Technology structure or workers without acceleration of critical functional costs. Moreover, for different help benefits, numerous servers likewise are provided alongside data transmission, power, actual security, and reinforcement administrations for the co-found worker.

    It is practically similar to devoted worker facilitating, in which a committed worker is facilitated inside the MSP office or server farm, put aside by the unquestionable truth that the worker is possessed as a result by the customer or business endeavor.

    Colocation Plans & Pricing

    • Server Colocation 1

      • Server Unit Space 1 U

      • Data Transfer 100 GB

      • IP Addresses 2

      • Set-Up Free

      • Server 1
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    • Server Colocation 2

      • Server Unit Space 5 U

      • Data Transfer 200 GB

      • IP Addresses 4

      • Set-Up Free

      • Server 2 Max
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    • Server Colocation 3

      • Server Unit Space 10 U

      • Data Transfer 300 GB

      • IP Addresses 4

      • Set-Up Free

      • Server 5

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    Key Features of our Server Colocation India Facilities

    Why IT4INT Server Colocation?

    Rack Space Colocation Services

    Own Data Center Racks without a server farm

    Rack Space Colocation administrations discharge your significant assets by offering opportunity to your IT group to zero in on the mission-significant business capacities. This further works with you to keep away from capital consumptions on sending, the executives, scaling, and support of actual gadgets. By lodging just as securing the basic frameworks and applications, it decreases capital and functional uses. You can without much of a stretch arrangement a colocation office with reasonable server farm rack for under $200 each month.

    Rack Space Colocation solution

    Rack Space Colocation Services brings to your business is wings; it opens up your significant assets giving your IT the opportunity to zero in on business basic capacities as opposed to getting hindered with the consistent arrangement, support and scaling needed in overseeing actual gadgets. Lodging and ensuring your strategic applications and frameworks need not be an extra weight on your business. Vastly diminish the functional and capital costs engaged with keeping up with this load of frameworks by ‘leasing’ the solid and skilled administrations of a Rack Space Colocation server farm. 

    You have a variety of alternatives to browse with regards to Rack Space worker facilitating. You can pick the Rack Space that suits your requirements.

    Why Your Business Needs Rack Space Colocation office 

    Server farm rack is the principal building square of each server farm. We offer strong and dependable Rack Space Colocation Data Center administrations that enable your business to perform better. Having your own rack space in a colocation office can open various benefits for your business including security, unwavering quality and cost-cutting. 


    Level III Data Center Facility

    Excess Cooling, Power, and High Network Performance

    Premium Bandwidth

    24×7 Customer Support

    Security: We follow rigid safety efforts to shield your significant business information that are not restricted to 

    1. Battery Cabinets                          2. Site entrance confined by electronic access card arrangements 

    3. Video observation                       3. Gatekeeper checked floor, 

    4. Bolted space                                 5. Interruption Prevention 

    Hearty Infrastructure: Our organization design upholds greatest speed, repetition, quality, and traffic throughput. By utilizing the best programming and gear, we have planned our Data Center and rack space colocation office to offer dependable administrations at serious costs. Our server farm racks are bolted and arranged with the most ideal security. We have a broad rundown of projects that shield our organization from assaults subsequently assisting us with keeping interlopers under control. We consistently center around further developing our colocation office by updating programming and hardware and offering new types of assistance. We offer the best colocation administration in India that are centered around cost-reserve funds while conveying a similar degree of execution and efficiency. 

    Innovation: We send Foundry and Cisco parts to ensure our server farm rack and bureau against any spontaneous occasions in the approach of segment disappointments. Our server farms are outfitted with the most recent innovation just as systems administration answers for assist your business with diminishing expenses, improve on the administration IT assets, and upgrade adaptability.

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