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Website hosting is one of the most significant elements of a website. Having a large client base means that your business website would inevitably have a higher level of traffic now than when you started, so a Dedicated Server will be a better option in this case.


Dedicated Servers: What are they?

You’ll have access to a single-tenant hosting environment, with resources specific to you rather than shared with others. An exclusive server and its resources are provided for hosting a website on a dedicated server. Furthermore, since you have access to only one website on this server, your website’s security is not compromised, and you can manage your resources as you see fit.


Advantages of a Dedicated Server-

  • Improved performance and acceleration. Because your site does not share server resources with anybody else, it will often load much faster.
  • Complete autonomy and command. You may customize your server to meet your individual needs and have complete control over every aspect of your website.
  • Security has been improved. Because your server is exclusively accessible by you, it will not be susceptible if another site is attacked.
  • More storage capacity is available. The majority of dedicated hosting plans provide much greater storage space for your website’s assets (with up to 2TB of disc space).


Setting up Dedicated Server

●      Choose a Processor

The processor you choose depends on how many CPU cores you need. In determining how to build a dedicated server for a website, CPU cores are not the only consideration. Your choice of processor will depend on how many sites you are hosting, how much traffic you have, and how large your database is.

●      Backup and security services

You can also retain backups on the cloud, which gives you more restore choices than the first data center you choose. Data security is critical when considering how to host a dedicated server. It also checks for file and system integrity. Any irregularities discovered are addressed and remedied right away.

●      Select an operating system and a control panel.

Depending on the framework on which your website or app is designed or composed, you will be able to pick between Linux and Windows. Licensing for Windows users may vary depending on your demands, so pick wisely. Keep in mind that a control panel is required for server maintenance and development while thinking about how to set up a dedicated server.

●      Choosing RAM and storage

Consider how many websites or applications you intend to host as well as how many users will be accessing them concurrently during a month. Database size is also an important consideration. You’ll need to upgrade your storage if you host a website with large databases and a lot of photos and videos.


Hosting on a dedicated server is the ideal alternative if your website receives a lot of traffic or if you simply want complete control over the server. With Dedicated Server Hosting, you can focus on the growth of your business without having issues with your websites.

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