Hotel Management is basically a combination of various skills like operations management, marketing, human resource development, financial management; inter personal skills, and so on. Managing a hotel means to make sure that all operations and services are running perfectly. This also involves prospering the hotel by satisfying customer needs and keeping a track of inventory. A small mistake can take away all the credits and can make drastic losses. This is where IT4Int stands with you as a supportive partner.

As mentioned there is a lot to manage in hotel so Whether you want to manage front office, reservations, housekeeping, accounting, marketing, sales, payrolls or even feedback of your prestigious guests, you need a perfect error free system Our developers having an experience of nearly a decade design the system for you in a computerized way which makes every process to be noted automatically, and provides ease in working. Not only this even the databases and accounts and all the records are kept safe and these can be accessed easily and quickly.

The software developed by us are so powerful that nothing goes away from your vision , yet its user interface and working ethics are so simple that a small training session can make your employ understand each process they are supposed to do.  Dishes Management, Customer’s order Management, Billing & Invoicing, Room Reservation, Auto Order Print System, Front Office Management, Food and Beverage Management, Housekeeping Management, Payment system Management, feedback management, Report Generation, Inventory Management are some of the features we provide in the software developed.

We always are dedicated to the project and ensure you 100 % satisfaction. You will find it much easy to work with these computerized disciplines and hence can always improve your hotel operations with our solutions.

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