How do we pick the best DDoS protected web hosting in Canada

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attackers can bring your site and your business in Canada down within minutes. Not all webmasters provide quality protection against DDoS attacks. There are hosting companies that specialize in DDoS protection. However, we at it4int provide our all web hosting services with DDoS protection. These providers often use a variety of strategies to protect your website, including CDNs from third parties such as Cloudflare and proprietary software. DDoS attacks occur when a computer network is used to send large amounts of applications to a web server at a time.

Now coming back to the above question that is the main topic-

How to Choose the Best Anti-DDoS web Hosting in Canada?

  • We at IT4INT, tested more than 1,000 hosting plans and briefly listed those that offer specific DDoS mitigation tools, such as firewalls, traffic filters and DoS security systems.
  • Next, we explored which programs provide the best technical support and effective monitoring.
  • We verified this listing against the actual customer feedback, analysing our huge user reviews website.
  • Moreover, DDoS protection is a service provided by certain hosting providers. It is also provided by Internet service providers and Internet infrastructure companies to combat the effects of DDoS attacks.
  • The result of DDoS effective protection is that your website is less likely to crash when attacked. Visitors to your website are also less likely to be affected by website malfunction during an attack.

Other factors to consider while choosing the best web hosting in Canada-

Reputed hosting provider

DDoS hosting that guarantees over 99-100% uptime and has a reputation for keeping that promise, as well as hackers who offer timeless server updates are the best bet.


Check complete security

Sadly, DDoS is one of the worst ways criminals can take to tarnish your website, your customer data, and your product reputation. Stay with the hosting providers who make the complete security of your site a priority with 24/7 network monitoring, firewalls, spam and computer malware protection.


Check out other features

Protecting your website from DDoS should be a priority, but it should not be at the expense of what you can do with your website. Before you buy a DDoS hosting plan, think about what other features and tools are important to you to make your website a success, and then go through your DDoS shortlist to see which ones come with these features in place of value that work for you.


24/7 support

Making your website slow or downloaded offline with DDoS goons can be scary, and you want to know if you are affected by such attacks that your host team is on your back. 24/7/365 technical support in a language that is free to speak and accessible via email, live chat, and phone can be a great asset and comfort in a very difficult situation.


DDoS attacks will not end anytime soon and choosing a well-designed web hosting solution to avoid these attacks can go a long way in keeping your site safe and your customers satisfied. For a DDoS host that lives up to its word, check out DDoS user reviews and find the perfect DDoS web host in Canada today! Still confused, don’t worry it4int is here to help you with the best web hosting services in Canada. With fully secured, scalable and functional web hosting plans in Canada, you are safe on every side of your hosting with us.

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