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How Hard Is It Really To Migrate From Shared Hosting To VPS?

Based on the traffic volume it attracts, the number of resources required will increase as the new site grows. The most effective way to scale a site once it reaches its assigned limit is to transfer it from shared hosting to another type with more resources. Almost everyone starts with a shared hosting account. The control panel is included with most shared hosting plans. cPanel and DirectAdmin are the most popular control panels for shared hosting. You can work with them very easily, and their interfaces are very user-friendly. They’re perfect for beginners. Most people eventually outgrow their shared hosting accounts and move to something more powerful, for example, a VPS (virtual private server) or a dedicated server.


How Hard Is It Really To Migrate From Shared Hosting To VPS?


If you’re coming from shared hosting, you’re going to be surprised at how much labor a VPS requires. If you have no prior expertise, migrating to a VPS is quite difficult. This is something no web hosting company will tell you. They’re all trying to get you to upgrade to their “managed VPS” service, which promises you more space and dedicated resources without the effort of managing them.


  • Migrating using a control panel 

The first and most common scenario is if your shared web host manages their servers via a control panel. Because most control panels include quick backup and restore capability for hosted sites, migration is made much easier for you. Install the control panel you used for shared web hosting on your VPS and use the restore capability to configure and install your website data using the backup from your shared web host.


  • Control panel, unique or absent

On your new VPS, you’ll also need to rebuild the setup for your website and any databases. After you’ve completed the setting, you may upload your website files to the server’s website directory. The database data may then be imported. Depending on your control panel, the process for entering data will differ. You may select whether or not to use a control panel, which control panel to use, or whether or not to configure the server manually.



Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting has become a popular choice for users who want to scale their websites. Using a VPS plan allows you to manage resources and ensures greater performance stability and security. If you have no prior expertise, migrating to a VPS is quite difficult.


This is something no web hosting company will tell you. Contact us today! All server work will be done for you by us. We will help you set up your server. We at it4int even provide free migration of websites from another hosting service provider to ours, so your website can be moved from one hosting provider to another, for free! Get in touch with us if you need advice about your VPS or if you are undecided about which plan to choose. Best of luck! have any questions or comments, please leave a comment.

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