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How to Connect a Domain to a Dedicated Server

Domain-joined servers are a great way to connect an organization to its data centre. These servers act as separate physical locations that your customers access. The best part is, that they do so from anywhere in the world! With the right DNS settings and software, you can also setup a virtual dedicated server with your customer’s data centre and even set it up as a stand-alone server. Check out this detailed guide on how to connect a domain to a dedicated server.

How to Connect a Domain to a Dedicated Server

You can check out the following topics for setup tips on how to connect a domain to a dedicated server:

In order to connect your domain with a third-party hosting plan, you must set NameServers as Custom in your domain settings (your hosting provider must have provided NameServers).

The following methods can be used to achieve this:

Step 1- Retrieve the configuration values for the new nameservers

First, find out what NameServers are used by your new hosting provider. The company usually posts this information on its documentation page or through an email sent after the purchase. You can contact your hosting provider if you cannot find the information.


Under Hosting -> Accounts -> Details, you can access all DNS-related information.

NameServers are listed as follows:



A web host often provides two or more NameServers. You’ll need to enter each of these addresses into your domain registrar’s control panel, so make a note of them all.


STEP 2: Apply the New NameServers Values Correctly

The current NameServers for a domain name must be changed after redirecting it to a new host.

  • Enter the control panel of your domain registrar to get started.
  • Search for the NameServers for your domain configuration option. Every registrar runs in a different way. The necessary choices, however, are often found on a menu titled Domain Management, Domain Overview, or something like.
  • In hPanel, navigate to Domains -> [your domain name] -> DNS / NameServers.
  • From the Expand Change NameServers menu, choose the Change NameServers option.
  • Several fields should be filled out, including Nameserver 1 (primary nameserver) and 2. (secondary nameserver).
  • Put the NameServers in the relevant fields. Nameservers with the prefix ns1 should go in the Nameserver 1 column, nameservers with the prefix ns2 should go in the Nameserver 2 field, and so on.


The third step is to let the DNS propagate

The DNS propagation must be completed after configuring the NameServers. After your NameServers have been updated, it takes up to 24-48 hours for your domain to circulate.



You’ve likely already established a relationship with your customer by assigning them a virtual server. Now it’s time to put that virtual server to use, just as you would any physical hardware or software. In this guide, we’ve gone over the basics of how to connect a domain to a dedicated server. We’ve also provided some great examples of how to use a virtual server in place of a physical server in your network.

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