IVR Services Provider

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response or Intuitive Voice Response, which is a technology in which customers will remain engaged with computerised voice and DTMF tones by pressing telephone keypad buttons and reaching to the services they want to get. Every time a button from the caller ispressed the calls are routed to a particular unit or specialization, which classifies the caller input and make him/her reach the exact solution he wanted to get into. Also it gives idea to the business owner about the issue type/ service type It is a kind of self service to find the item or details of your need. Using this features help you to drastically control the number of customer call executives cause most of the time the IVR itself solves the issues. Also it enables to handle more numbers of clients at the same time with less resources. You can keep limited number of live agents related to a particular department, hence reducing you payroll expenses to a very high extent.

This also avoid miscommunication problem between human agent and caller as in this system there is no manual record done by your side agent all the entries are done by the caller himself .You canalso add call back feature to your company feature by using this amazing feature.

We at IT4INT have developed plans considering all the possibilities. This enables a very high range ofpackages provided by us to offer you. You can select and affordable and activate the plan you want and feel proper for you. Big brands when see IVR services active on your number they feel you are professional in providing services and they get attached to your services.

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