Standing for Java 2 Platform Micro Edition. J2ME is Sun Microsystem’s creation which totally concentrates on consumer wireless device platform. J2ME allows developers to use Java and the J2ME wireless toolkit to create applications and programs for wireless and mobile devices.

Basically J2ME have two pillars which make it one of the amazing platforms named as- configurations and profiles.

Configurations is the term used for the vast set of library and a virtual machine for the type of wireless device which will be used. As it is device based it further gets classified as FIXED wireless devices configuration and Mobile wireless devices configurations.

Every device needs a runtime environment for all type of configuration. This part of J2me is known as Profiles  which are basically API . The profile manages the application, the interface for the users , the inputs outputs as well as networking .In order to support Java apps, manufacturers need to implement a profile for their specific devices.

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