Kentico is a less time consuming CMS, which utilises less resources too , to design a fully fledged Online marketing website ,leading to an amazing e commerce portal with so much less efforts. Basically kinetic is designed at ASP .NET platform

Kentico comes with a unique designing model that makes IT4int developers more productive. Features involves browser-based interface which helps to create templates much quicker than time  it take by coding. There is already built 400+ web parts which can be used again and again to make your webpage fully featured. They also offer pre defined modules according to business which further ease our job of initiating the work from Zero. These modules can be selected from the list and then can be changed easily as per requirement too.

As Kentico is having the architecture of ASP .NET , our developers can easily extend the use with the virtue of Visual studio. And integrating visual studio helps in adding toolboxes, code snippets, file templates and yet the software itself is becomes intelligent. We at IT4int use the wide variety of caching options provided by Kentico  to boost your website performance to more than 12,000 requests per second on a single server, the basic reason for this is is our developers achieves unlimited scalability by the virtue of web farm and SQL replication.

Kentico also provides its quality work of SEO feasibility, hence helping us to optimize search engine for your website , ultimately leading to more traffic to your site and hence more expansion of your business

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