Linux vs Windows, which one is best for Taiwan based dedicated server

Linux vs Windows, which one is best for Taiwan based dedicated server?

Are you decided to launch a website or an application but you are confused that which operating system(OS) will be best for a Taiwan based dedicated server? Don’t worry, we will help you to decide which OS will be a good fit for you.


Every Website or application needs a web server to work and every web server needs an operating system that can operate or run the website and application. Choosing the right Operating system is one of the most important responsibilities for your website and application because this OS handles all the most important things on your server like speed, performance, security, privacy, convenience etc.


Both Linux and Windows operating systems have their pros and cons. You have to decide which will work for you better. Here, we will let you know some of the very fundamental criteria you need to focus on while choosing any operating system for your Taiwan based dedicated server.





Choosing any operating system depends on how much money you want to invest in it.  That is why pricing or budget is one of the most crucial deciding factors that need to be taken care of when selecting any operating system for your Taiwan dedicated server. Normally, Linux based operating systems come with very affordable pricing. The reason why this Linux operating system is affordable is that it is a free open source application which you can access without paying anything, which helps you save money. But In windows, it requires many extra expenses and maintenance plus you need to pay for the working system. In short, if your budget is very high and can meet high expenses then you can go with Windows otherwise Linux will be the best choice for you.



In terms of features both Linux and Windows dedicated servers are very rich.  Linux OS based Taiwan dedicated server use and consume very few resources which means that it gives improved performance and lower infrastructure requirement. It makes Linux OS a very reliable and customizable operating system.


Windows also provides numerous advantages, features and performance and it also provides a very user-friendly software experience. They offer you several advanced features. Windows dedicated servers are best for those who want to run very high graphics websites and applications or want to run very complex and sophisticated websites and apps.

Security and privacy


Talking about security and privacy then no doubt Linux is a very secure and private dedicated server. It provides very strong secured dedicated servers. They use different types of AI and machines to secure the server such as firewalls, TCP wrappers etc.

Your need

Last but not least your interest and need is the most important deciding factor to choose any Operating system. Normally, if you want to just use your Taiwan dedicated server for hosting secure and private websites at a very low price then Linux is best for you but in case you want to host very sophisticated and complex websites and want to manage everything professionally then windows dedicated server is the best option for you.


So, now you have understood which option is best for you. however, we at IT4INT offer booth Linux and windows Taiwan dedicated servers, check out our plans and get the one you need.

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