In recent studies it has been revealed that users are spending more time in mobile apps than on websites. These results also disclose the fact that Mobile has taken over the desktop for the internet usage. Mobile has become a necessity and mobile apps is the heart of Mobile! With the help of mobile apps, you can scale up your business and enhance your profitability by increasing the reach to the mobile user base that prefers a mobile application over a website.

Native apps are developed in a specific programming language like Objective C or Swift for iOS and are built for the device. Native apps are unbeatable in the matter of performance and reliability .the reason for this amazing performance is that these apps run directly on mobile devices and can always access to all the available features on the mobile as for example GPS, accelerometers, camera, etc.. One of the advantages is that to access these features one need not to have internet connected which makes native apps far more instinctive than others.  Native apps are also known for their security measures which make them best in class. These apps get full support from relevant app stores.

At IT4Int, we are specialized in the design and development of native apps for nearly a decade and develop apps for all types of requirements. Our customer base is very big so we get different types of requirement. We have satisfied them by building and launching 100s of true native apps since the beginning of the app stores. This much work on same environment has given us deep expertise in native app creation and maintenance.

The advantages to work with us involve:

  • Rigorous Requirement Analysis
  • Competitive Rates
  • Expert Mobile App Developers
  • Frequent report of Project status.
  • 24 hrs customer support
  • Hiring a developer on daily/ monthly/yearly basis
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