PhoneGap is a framework designed to develop apps for cross platform mobile, that helps developers  to build apps which can run smoothly on multiple mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and more. PhoneGap app development comes with inbuilt features which eases our developer’s work by giving access to all required items from all native mobile device apps (such as Accelerometer, GPS, Camera, Storage, Contacts, Network, etc.) through APIs

At IT4INT we believe in satisfaction of customer so our designers have got clear understanding that their involvement starts from the minute a client explains his requirement. They start to brainstorm every possible aspect and with research and project analysis, we move on to creating various options to be offered to our clients, and only upon the approval by our clients do we move on to the application prototype.

Our developers are fully aware of strengths of PhoneGap and use the strong and Robust Backend to fast track the development process. As it is an open source its easy to find plug-in for a particular feature and in case if its not available our developers are equipped with knowledge to create it. The Apps created by us remains compatible to all platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Web OS and many others.

We not only develop a new app but we also modify and enhance features of old apps which you are having already. Our troubleshooting team is quite experienced and dedicated in satisfaction of Customers. Our 24 Hrs support and consulting will keep the down time negligible. You can always contact with our customer support team via email, phone, and even online chat. We also provide Hire A Developer feature, where you can Hire one of our developers on hourly, daily and even monthly basis at a very reasonable price.

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