Quick summary on VPS dedicated and cloud hosting

Let us first learn about what is VPS and what are the different types of vps available in the market.

what is VPS?

VPS is an abbreviation for “Virtual Private Server”.  This is the division of a physical server into multiple servers. In effect, each one functions exactly like a dedicated server; you get all of the benefits of a dedicated server at a lower cost. Each VPS has its own operating system and can be restarted independently. Different types of VPS:

Benefits of VPS hosting

VPS hosting has many advantages. It sits as a lovely middle ground between shared and dedicated hosting, with great resource limits and a high level of control over your server’s software and hardware.

Types of VPS Hostings:

  • OpenVZ VPS Hosting
  • Xen VPS Hosting
  • Windows VPS Hosting
  • Managed VPS Hosting
  • Cloud VPS Hosting
  • Multi VPS Linux Hosting
  • Multi VPS Windows Hosting

After getting an idea of what VPS is about let us move forward towards dedicated and cloud servers.

what is a Dedicated and Cloud Server?

A dedicated server is a physical server that is located offsite and does not employ virtualization technologies such as hypervisors. The physical server hardware and its infrastructure serve as the foundation for all computation and storage resources. Consider this to be more similar to your desktop or laptop PC.

Cloud servers can be designed to give performance, security, and control comparable to dedicated servers. However, rather than being hosted on physical hardware that is solely used by you, they are housed in a shared “virtualized” environment managed by your cloud hosting provider. Cloud servers also allow you to scale resources up or down based on demand, so you don’t have to pay for idle infrastructure costs when demand is low.


  • Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is as good as it gets. You have massive resource limits and are capable of powering even the biggest of websites. It is what enterprise-level business sites will run on, and it can manage massive quantities of traffic without impacting your site’s speed.

  • Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting has grown in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. It is a versatile, scalable, and high-performance hosting solution that provides your company with a one-of-a-kind collection of features.

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