Built on RUBY ON RAILS, Radiant is an open source Content Management System. It is designed very simple yet it’s one of the most powerful systems. There are basically three verticals for radiant, which is, Pages, Snippets and layouts. Pages are the basic building block, which contains all the content and description of webpage. This is basically the thing which will be visible to the user and radiant allows us to gather all the content in a very strong MYSQL database management system. Snippets , on the other hand are those contents which are being used many times at various different places like headers, footers, contact information etcetera, which the working environment of this CMS makes very easy to work with. Layouts as it’s called are the design and the way the webpage appears which means this is the overall look and Radiant CMS is having multiple layouts designing feasibility, providing multiple ways to decorate a same page with attractiveness as much as possible.

At IT4Int we reach to you with the developers who knows exactly which layout will suit your requirements, which snippets are to be implied at which place and obviously the understandable  simple still properly explained content to reach out your webpage visitors mind deep within. The developers working for your project do utilise the best of Radiant’s features,  like wonderful templates, custom tagging macro level language, it’s amazing caching process, high level extension or plugin system, ability of creating custom text filters, flexible site structure and so many others, to give you the best of Radiant CMS output, and hence fulfil your expectations.

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