Refinery CMS, shortened as refinery is also a remarkable work of Ruby On Rails. In simple terms as mentioned by them is “if you can point and click, you can use refinery”. This itself explains the simplicity refinery comes up with.

As it is an open source software contributors around the globe keep modifying it and adding new features as in form of plugins and extensions, which our developers make use of to give you the exact output as per your imagination. One of the most extensive feature of refinery is that it supports 30 different languages, so we can make your website global with various languages possibility, hence giving you a worldwide spectrum for business growth.

IT4Int is having group of designers who utilise the functionality of refinery of being modular to create attractive designs and its flexibility to apply less effort and get a totally different look. We also create custom extensions if necessary for your webpage, as refinery allows us that too. Refinery keeps itself updated with latest versions of rails helping us to fit all the new features to your wepage and give you the best experience of website developed by us. The function rich refinery is so simple to work with that even a non technical person can design for you, but when we merge our expertise with rail developers with refinery CMS , we give you the best output in less cost and obviously in a comparatively less time. Our support team also upgrades your refinery CMS time to time

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