We are a short code service provider : Short codes are portable numbers that are altogether shorter than general versatile numbers (for the most part 10 digits) which are utilized for SMS, MMS and Interactive Voice Services. They are less demanding to recall, helpful and coordinated over all telecom administrators to give a consistent short code benefit understanding to every one of the clients crosswise over .

Short Code from Vikral.com

Short Code Service is principally focused to give intuitive/2-way SMS Services to the n and abroad endeavors, who need to dispatch SMS Short code benefits in .

• Short code coordinated with all telecom administrators in

• A free automated message for every single approaching message.

• Unlimited sub catchphrases

• Get devoted short codes and make boundless Keywords utilizing a simple to utilize control board.

• Complete detailing accessible on the web. 24×7 specialized backings.

Long Code from Vikral.com

Long Code is a similar usefulness quite recently like Short Code just the distinction that it will be 10 digit long like a portable number and you can get SMS from all finished world while in Short Code you will just get the messages from . You can get to your long code from online board. Vikral.com Long Code arrangement accompanies rich elements

• Unique National

• International reach

• Automated Two-way Messaging

• Easy to arrange Auto Response

• URL Response

• Unlimited Sub-Keyword

• Facility for various Query Processing

• Easy Integration to Website ODBC Data