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The Importance Of IP Addresses while choosing a hosting server

All network devices have an IP address. Computer servers, IP cameras, laptops, desktops, IP phones, cell phones on a wireless network, and websites are all possible. IP addresses are the real addresses behind every domain name. In the beginning, domain names were created as shortcuts for their complex IP address counterparts.


What Impact Does IP Address Have on Search Engine Rankings?


An IP address provides the tale of where a website is located from the standpoint of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Websites located on dedicated servers benefit from having their own dedicated IP address, whereas websites on shared hosting plans must share the same IP address as other websites hosted on the same server or use SEO Hosting services. These addresses are used to transport data from one location to another and are unique to certain computers or smaller networks on the internet. IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are the two types of IP addresses now in use on the internet.


The Importance Of IP Addresses while choosing a hosting server


      Making sure the numbers are straight.

Many email services check blocklists and blacklists to determine whether emails come from a trusted source and place the IP addresses and domains as the spam source on them. Similarly, malware trackers are used to track sites used for hosting phishing or other malware, much the same way spam trackers do. 


      Keep yourself searchable.

A website employing an IP address with a bad reputation might have a detrimental impact on its search engine rankings, just like other services that utilise your IP address. This is where, to some extent, your website’s hosting option may make a difference. When you use shared hosting to host your website, you are not only sharing the resources of a server, but you are also sharing that server’s IP address with others. 


      A VPS allows you to own your own IP address.

A virtual private server (VPS) offers you a single IP address that is not shared with other servers, so you can create your own hosting solution. Therefore, you control how your server behaves, and you can prevent it from being registered among the various blacklists and blocklists by ensuring that it isn’t used for spamming, phishing, or hosting malware. 




A device’s IP address identifies it within a subnet, making it unique. VPNs can mask IP addresses. Managing IP addresses is so critical. IP addresses can be assigned statically, which implies a device’s IP address is assigned manually. In contrast, if it is unmasked, you can use it to find out where a device is located or what email is sent from. You would avoid being affected by other websites on the same server by having your own IP address. Since your website doesn’t share an IP address with a site on your server, it wouldn’t affect your website if that site’s IP address was blocked or blacklisted. As a result, your website will not be affected by the websites on the server when you have a unique IP address.


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