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You might have faced this so many times that you are in a very important meeting and at the same time another very important customer calls you, or you are already talking with one of the customers and another one calls. That time you can’t leave the meeting or hang up whereas you don’t want to make the other client think that you do not give importance to later one’s call.Some time this is also possible that you have an international client who calls at night when you are deep sleep, or you have a family weekend planned and the customer calls, All the above said reasons are 100 % possible .

AT IT4INT , we understand this fact and hence support with you a feature of Virtual Number. Thisfeature helps you to Never miss a call, from simultaneous calling customers and always remain connected with your clients. We provide you 24 hours active phone with voice mail services recorded and converted in .WAV format for ease in use, with the help of which you can easily manage orders taking and management, Appointment Setting, providing telephonic support in which Callers can be directed to extra voice prompts or menus.

As we are a top agency in digital media we also offer web based record administration which help you to keep track of clients call and discussions happened. Our virtual number can also get the calls diverted by you when your number is not reachable.

Altogether it can be summarised that by using our services you will never loose any customerunattended. They would love to drop a message even if you are not reachable and you can later attend them and fulfil their requirements and once customers are happy business grows.

We are a virtual number provider: Virtual Receptionist


The most effective method to Divert Calls

The larger part of our customers redirect calls through to us in spite of the fact that a couple of really give out their novel virtual gathering number direct to customers implying that all organization calls are replied by us. • Diverting all approaches a BT Line

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