We are a virtual number provider: Virtual Receptionist

• You have to enjoy a reprieve from work however not to lose any client calls

• You are on meeting however would prefer not to miss any client calls

• You are over-burden with work and unfit to accept up any calls.

• You are on different calls and loads of clients are on line.

• You have universal client who calls you at late night and you would prefer not to miss your rest.

• Your office partner is on an excursion

We realize that you are numerous things to take up in the business yet not have enough hours in the day to finish everything on your motivation. With Your Calls replying .net on your side, stays in contact with your clients at whatever point the telephone rings day or night. You will get… .

• 24 x 7 x 365 days phone voice-mail

• Lead era

• Order Taking and Order Management

• Appointment Setting

• Cross offering

• Telephonic Support

• Monthly rundown of calls Etc…

How it functions

We will give you a versatile number which you can impart to your clients; it will likewise help you in SMS battling for getting reactions. Our frameworks can recognize singular phone lines coming into our call focus, so all together for our support of work, we give our customers their own one of a kind virtual gathering phone number to redirect their business lines to us. This implies our administration is constantly accessible to our customers and their calls will dependably be replied as they ask for whether we get one call a week or one hundred calls per day for them. A few customers utilize us as a call flood benefit, others to answer every one of their calls-as you have control over your redirect, it truly is dependent upon you how little or the amount you utilize your virtual receptionists. The administration is greatly adaptable and your directions on how we are to deal with your calls can be refreshed week after week, every day or hourly. At the point when Calls are Re Directed, particular process gets your client calls and greats with your appreciated message and gathers the message or gives the arrangement in light of the agreement.

• Incoming calls are replied with an expert altered welcome you make

• Calls can be in a split second directed to your preferred expansion and telephone number

• Callers can be directed to extra voice prompts or menus

• Voicemail

• Set up the same number of expansions and phone message boxes as you require

• Web based record administration

• Visual Call Designer

• Unlimited expansions with moment call exchange and voice message enables you to stay with everybody in your available from the workplace, out and about, home, or away

The most effective method to Divert Calls

The larger part of our customers redirect calls through to us in spite of the fact that a couple of really give out their novel virtual gathering number direct to customers implying that all organization calls are replied by us. • Diverting all approaches a BT Line

• Diverting calls when unanswered on a BT Line

• Diverting calls when telephone is locked in on a BT Line

• Diverting calls when telephone is locked in or unanswered on a BT Line