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IT4INT Pvt Ltd Get Cheap Chicago vps scalable web hosting at an affordable price. Choose from a range of operating systems such as Linux or Windows are controlled by KVM and Hyper-V, Xen, OpenVZ for framework level virtualization.. Our server comes with control panels that give you access to control your server conveniently and securely. You can handle your heavy traffic on our VPS server. Whether you have a big or a small website, IT4INT has a VPS Chicago configuration for all types of needs. so get started with the it4int cheap VPS server Chicago today and avail all its benefits.


Chicago VPS Servers Linux / Windows Plans

  • 1 GB RAM

    • Core 1

    • RAM 1 GB

    • Disk Space 30 GB

    • Port Speed 100Mbps

    • Bandwidth 2 TB

    • IPv4 - One
    From $17.98/mo
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  • 2 GB RAM

    • Core 2

    • RAM 2 GB

    • Disk Space 50 GB

    • Port Speed 100Mbps

    • Bandwidth 2.5 TB

    • IPv4 - One
    From $25.82/mo
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  • 4 GB RAM

    • Core 4

    • RAM 4 GB

    • Disk Space 80 GB

    • Port Speed 100Mbps

    • Bandwidth 4 TB

    • IPv4 - One
    From $39.96/mo
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  • 8 GB RAM

    • Core 8

    • RAM 8 GB

    • Disk Space 500 GB

    • Port Speed 100Mbps

    • Bandwidth 8 TB

    • IPv4 - One
    From $59.78/mo
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When you have Immense Techie Four International Pvt Ltd start expecting more from your hosting!

Our managed VPS server provides unhindered performance with unlimited bandwidth and traffic. Each server comes with expandable Ram and storage facilities. We offer a VPS server that is dedicated to you which means only you can use your allocated resources. Also, we will give you administration access to our servers. So what else are you demanding? unleash the power of IT4INT VPS hosting today!

DDoS Shield
fast deploy

Our ABC company helps you to get in touch with trained and experienced tech customers support team. Our support team is always ready for helping you with your queries and questions.

We prove only one 1 IP address at the time of purchasing but if you wish you can buy more UP addresses From us. For buying more IP addresses contact our sales team.

You can monitor your server status through Control panels. We offer you the Control panels where you can monitor, manage or control your VPS.

If you have used your All VPS bandwidth if a month then your network speed will get slow automatically and your services can be suspended for the next month. However,  you can buy more bandwidth if you need it.

All the data Centers of our VPS are located in Chicago because We are committed to providing Chicago’s customers with a great VPS experience.

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