Enterprise-Grade High-Performance New York VPS Hosting

A Cheap vps New York server from IT4INT Pvt Ltd will give you the power, speed, security, and support you need are controlled by KVM and Hyper-V, Xen, OpenVZ for framework level virtualization technology. Grow your business on a robust hosting platform with the cheap New York VPS server. We offer scalable on-demand resources and easy-to-use facilities with fast 1Gbps network with NVMe SSD storage for top-of-the-line performance fast & reliable with Guaranteed UptimePowerful low-cost cloud infra with high-perform & low-latency.


New York VPS Servers Linux / Windows Plans

  • 1 GB RAM

    • Core1

    • RAM1 GB

    • IPv4 1

    • HDD 20 GB

    • Bandwidth 2TB with 100Mbps
    From $11.00/mo
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  • 2 GB RAM

    • Core2

    • RAM 2 GB

    • IPv4 1

    • HDD 40 GB

    • Bandwidth 4TB with 100Mbps
    From $39.00/mo
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  • 4 GB RAM

    • Core2

    • RAM 2 GB

    • IPv4 1

    • HDD 80 GB

    • Bandwidth 6TB with 100Mbps
    From $64.00/mo
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  • 8 GB RAM

    • Core4

    • RAM 8 GB

    • IPv4 1

    • HDD 160 GB

    • Bandwidth 8TB with 100Mbps
    From $99.00/mo
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Thinking about transferring your server to Immense Techie Four International Pvt Ltd New York VPS server?

Not to worry we have made it easier than ever! Our Migration experts will take care of your entire process free of cost. So avoid downtime with others while moving! Get in touch with our expert team today.

DDoS Shield
fast deploy

You will get full control over your New York VPS server with complete root-level access to control your managed server environment. You will be able to make changes to your website as per your needs.

You have no limit on the number of websites you can host on your New York VPS server. There are unlimited hosting abilities in our servers. Also, you can upgrade or downgrade your VPS server at any time as per your needs.

Yes, you will be given a free storage space that is specially designed for your backups. However, you can also ask for an increase in storage space in our New York VPS servers, if needed.

Absolutely, you will be given the complete SSD storage policy in our New York VPS server which will help you add on all the necessary data of your business to protect them from any attacks.

Of course, we will offer full technical support to our customers so that you may clear all the doubts related to our New York VPS servers. They all are available 24/7 to help and support you.

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