An Cost effective VPS SSD Storage! Root access! Maximum Security! High Performance!

One of the best cheap Virtual Private Servers VPS South Africa that offers you exclusively dedicated resources to host your sites and applications. We offer the cheapest South Africa VPS server hosting are controlled by KVM and Hyper-V, Xen, OpenVZ for framework level virtualization technology. We have to deliver only one purpose to get 100% customer satisfaction even before a purchase is made as our server with Firewall Security, Unlimited Bandwidth, 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed.


South Africa VPS Servers Linux / Windows Plans

  • 4 GB RAM

    • vCPU2 Cores

    • RAM4GB

    • Storage100GB SSD

    • Web Traffic1TB

    • IPv4One
    From $48.96/mo
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  • 6 GB RAM

    • vCPU3 Cores

    • RAM6GB

    • Storage200GB SSD

    • Web Traffic1.5TB

    • IPv4One
    From $72.69/mo
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  • 8 GB RAM

    • vCPU4 Cores

    • RAM8GB

    • Storage300GB SSD

    • Web Traffic2TB

    • IPv4One
    From $96.40/mo
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  • 12 GB RAM

    • vCPU6 Cores

    • RAM12GB

    • Storage400GB SSD

    • Web Traffic3TB

    • IPv4One
    From $135.36/mo
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Yes!  Our South Africa VPS is capable of handling massive traffic.

 Immense Techie Four International Pvt Ltd provides its VPS with all the qualities that a customer can demand. We provide complete control over VPS. We host your VPS on the latest and high-end infrastructure. Our VPS has an option of cPanel that will give you total control over your website, web hostings, and domains. What else do you demand? IT4INT provides the best and cheap VPS services. Come today and talk to our team!

DDoS Shield
fast deploy

Yes, we provide free-of-charge DDoS protection in our South Africa VPS server that allows you to monitor all types of attacks on your website.

Obviously, you will get full backup with our South Africa VPS server plans so that all of your data remain safe and secure with our VPS hosting.

Yes, we do offer custom setups in South Africa VPS servers as per your requirements. You have to contact our team about that.

Yes, it is one of the mandatory features along with all of our South Africa VPS solutions. We guarantee optimal security for all of your servers and infrastructures so that you may expand your business easily.

Not at all, even our South Africa VPS hosting servers are very much cost-effective to host web applications and some similar services. You can also go with the basic plans and then upgrade them as per your needs.

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