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Cheap VPS Cambodia IT4INT Pvt Ltd is a leading company that provides powerful cloud instances with top performance and competitive prices to fulfill your business needs for quick deployment, easy development, and wide global coverage. We offer the cheapest VPS hosting servers in Cambodia are controlled by KVM and Hyper-V, Xen, OpenVZ for framework level virtualization technology. Our VPS can handle massive traffic and can manage visitors per day. Our main motive is to get 100% customer satisfaction.


Cambodia VPS Servers Linux / Windows Plans

  • VPS 512 MB

    • RAM 512 MB

    • CORE 1

    • Disk Space 10 GB*

    • Port Speed 1o Mbit

    • Bandwidth 250 GB* (can upgrade)

    • IPv4 1

    • OS Based Linux Only

    • Virtualization KVM
    From $34.99/mo
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  • VPS 1GB

    • RAM 1 GB

    • CORE 1

    • Disk Space 2o GB (can upgrade)

    • Port Speed 5o Mbit

    • Bandwidth 500 GB* (can upgrade)

    • IPv4 1

    • OS Based Linux & Windows

    • Virtualization KVM
    From $47.49/mo
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  • VPS 2 GB

    • RAM 2 GB

    • CORE 2

    • Disk Space 4o GB* (can upgrade)

    • Port Speed 100 Mbit

    • Bandwidth 750 GB* (can upgrade)

    • IPv4 1 (max 3 possible)

    • OS Based Linux & Windows

    • Virtualization KVM
    From $69.96/mo
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  • VPS 4 GB

    • RAM 4 GB*

    • CORE 4

    • Disk Space 5o GB* (can upgrade)

    • Port Speed 100 Mbit

    • Bandwidth 1 TB* (can upgrade)

    • IPv4 1

    • OS Based Linux & Windows

    • Virtualization KVM
    From $87.45/mo
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Opt for our VPS server which lets you experience the best.

 Immense Techie Four International Pvt Ltd is a company that offers more flexibility at a much lower price. We offer you free SSL certificates for your website as it is essential for the safety and security of your sites. An advanced protocol is there in our VPS servers to make your site performance better. We try to make your site more compatible by using new technologies.

DDoS Shield
fast deploy

If you do not renew your VPS, our Tech technician team will store your data for some limited days and will inform you to renew your Cambodia VPS So, that you can get your All data back to your server.

Using a Cambodia VPS requires some basic knowledge and understanding of managing and controlling Servers. However, you can accumulate this knowledge online very easily.

There are mainly four types of a people group who widely use Our Cambodia VPS services- Web developers, web designers, advanced webmasters, and businesses.

Yes, of course, we give DDoS protection to all our VPS customers because we manage security and uptime very seriously as it affects our user’s websites or applications that can arise many problems to them.

Yes, we help our customers to manage their virtual private servers. Our technicians always manages and take care of the reliability of your server.

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