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Our VPS (Virtual Private Servers) hosting an cost-efficient solution provide you the best features of both linux vps servers and windows vps servers. the VPS machine key features new hardware and virtualization, operating system latest Linux distributions and Windows Server, DDoS protection, Manage your vps with Plesk, cPanel / WHM, Fully managed by our Experience Support team.


    • 2 Core

    • RAM 1GB

    • Disk Space 30 GB

    • Bandwidth 500GB with 100Mbps

    • IP Addresses 1
    From $43.00/mo
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    • 3 Core

    • RAM 2GB

    • Disk Space 40 GB

    • Bandwidth 500GB with 100Mbps

    • IP Addresses 1
    From $65.00/mo
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    • 4 Core

    • RAM 4GB

    • Disk Space 80 GB

    • Bandwidth 500GB with 100Mbps

    • IP Addresses 1
    From $87.00/mo
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    • 1 Core

    • RAM 512 MB

    • Disk Space 20 GB

    • Bandwidth 500GB with 100Mbps

    • IP Addresses 1
    From $29.00/mo
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Fully-managed VPS Hosting server we provide you at low cost, along with the latest server technology. Buy Today Cheap VPS Server for your business application with more flexibility, higher uptime, and better control

99.9% UPTIME

The best VPS Server with IT4INT

The individual users or small or large companies seeking ahead to have a server hosting like the dedicated server at very low cost, then VPS server will be the best for them. IT4INT is the prominent provider of VPS servers at declined cost. The fact is this server offers the same features of a dedicated server but the overall cost is quite low. The VPS is considered as an independent server having their own identity.

About company

If you are looking ahead to begin a new business and willing to host a website for it within a small budget, then VPS server is best suited for you as you will get the same features offered by the dedicated server but the amount you will pay for this services will be low. Thereby, it’s time to establish up your SSD VPS with IT4INT at the cheapest cost and high quality as our VPS hosting is controlled by OpenVZ, KVM, Xen, and Hyper-V.

The VPS hosting facility offered at the IT4INT gives the entire management authority and root access control. It will help the users to handle their software according to as per the needs of their website or business. Moreover, IT4INT offers their users the freedom to select the Operating system as per their business needs. Furthermore, being a trustworthy VPS service provider, we offer Linux and Windows India VPS Server hosting.

Services Configuration

  • High Bandwidth Servers
  • Latency optimized data centers
  • High-speed, Dual/Quad/Hexa/Octa Core, Xeon CPU Servers
  • Measurable computing capacity to supervised increased up IT demands
  • Original HP/ IBM Server Hardware & other IT equipment


With the help of IT4INT, you can enhance your business activities online as our VPS services will offer you 99.99% uptime as it has high Bandwidth which can help to access the website as well as its application across India.

Why us?

  • We ensure Root Access complete control on the server
  • We provide Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Protected
  • We offer High Bandwidth
  • Our services include Free Servers Setup & Upgradation
  • Our services are open for 24*7 Support in term of Live Chat, Phone or Email
  • With the assist of SLA, we offer 99.95% Guaranteed Uptime

Conclusion from our services

The VPS servers at the IT4INT are the best and perfect as per other service providers as well as offered at the cheapest cost. To get more information for VPS server services, kindly log in this official web portal

Own a Linux / Windows VPS Hosting Server with a OS installed, and minus any applications

Quick Provisioning
Blazing Fast SSDs
24/7 Support
No Contract Required
Instant Root Access
Free Account Migration

The best VPS Server with IT4INT

Cheap VPS server with the highest reliability and performance of the virtual server. A true virtual server made for speed. If you buy VPS servers from us you will get benefits in the following way:

Bring your website to life with IT4INT and your VPS Server

Up to 30 times faster than the most powerful shared servers. Dizzying speed and zero downtime policy are the key factors in VPS 100% cloud-based hosting technology.

Easy to use VPS control

Managing your VPS has never been so easy. Thanks to the VPS control panel, you can now manage and control your virtual server with just a few clicks. Your private servers can be easily restarted, turned on or off, absolutely new scripts or OS can be installed, the root access password or track server statistics and you can easily change VPS server resources in real-time. You can make backups without worries and also restore the VPS container through cPanel.

Support team via the chat

The dedicated support team via live chat is ready to help you 24/7/365. Even for unmanaged VPS hosting services, our customer service team will help you more than any other. At any time, any day, they are willing to help you with most of your problems without delays or waiting lines. Here, our award-winning customer service team is different. We fully know all our Cloud technology infrastructure and servers.

Business-level backups

Creating VPS backups has never been easier. Now you can make backup copies and restore all your folders, files and databases with a couple of clicks. Cloud-based VPS servers can be restored in seconds at any time and any day, simply by using the VPS Hosting Control Panel and advanced access to your backup storage. Your data will never be lost, thanks to our cloud technology and double RAID protection.

Easy Web Script Installer and Operating System

All of our VPS Server plans come with an automatic installer for developers along with the most popular operating system scripts and templates. The Premium collection of VPS installation containers optimized by our engineers will do all the hard work for you. Now you can install almost any Linux operating system, with or without add-ons, build Minecraft or VPN servers, start a high-speed VPS WordPress server in the cloud, or simply integrate LAMP with one click.

Dedicated IP with IPv4 & IPv6

Get premium features with our cheap VPS Server. Our philosophy is to provide the highest specifications for the lowest price. One of the many premium features is a dedicated IP address. Even the cheapest VPS plan is packed with dedicated IPv4 & IPv6 internet protocols. By using our private virtual servers, you can start the IPv4 assignment functions for custom port connections. By using a dedicated IP, all your scripts & extensions will work smoothly.

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