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Website Not Responding? VPS is down?

Are you facing one of these problems with your website/ VPS server?

  • Websites that are hosted on your VPS are not working.
  • Not able to access the admin panel of your website?
  • Not able to access the server through SSH?


These are the common problems that are being faced by most people. But, don’t worry we have one common solution for all these problems. Moreover, the solution that we are mentioning here can be easily executed. So, here is the list of steps that are required to resolve such problems.


  1. Check whether your IP is blocked: this is one of the initial steps. before guessing any other issue, you should first check the block list of your VPS. whether your own IP is blocked or not. To check the same you should visit – if your IP is blocked the let’s move to the 2nd step.


  1. Change the internet connection: Changing the internet connection is a simple solution that anyone can follow, you can use another network by just connecting to the internet of your mobile.


  1. Unblock the firewall: if your IP address is temporarily blocked then it will automatically be cleared within 60 minutes. If you have a fully managed VPS server, then simply open a ticket, experts will themselves resolve the issue.


But, if you have unmanaged VPS then, you should use a default security layer or a command line to unblock your IP address.


Here is how you can troubleshoot the server connection


This method can only work for those who don’t have fully managed VPS. Moreover, you can choose whether to monitor your DIY servers and resolve problems accordingly. If you are unable to access the server via HTML Console or even with SSH, you can connect the same by using HTML5 Console. Here is how you can do this.


  1. Login at the client center
  2. Go to the settings option inside the VPS
  3. Scroll down and select the virtual server control
  4. Click HTML5 serial console
  5. There will be a command line that is similar to the SSH that allows you to troubleshot network connectivity.


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