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Why Does Location-Based Server Hosting Play an Important Role in SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization which is the most crucial part of any online website hosting. SEO means the optimization of your website in any way that can help you to rank higher on the Google SERPs (search engine result pages). There are many factors that decide the website’s SEO. Location-based servers are also one of them. So, it is very important to understand how location-based server hosting affects your Ranking on Google or SEO.


When we say Server or web hosting it means the hosting or place where all the website or application data are stored and sent to audiences or clients whenever they interact with the website and the location where your data is put away by your Server provider is called Server location.


Now that we have understood very briefly about web hosting and server location, Let’s understand why and how location-based server hosting affects your website and plays an important role in SEO.



How does location-based server hosting work?


Your hosting server location is the physical location where all your website or application data are stored or hosted and whenever your audience or clients visit your website, your website’s data are sent to them from the server hosting location. That is the reason why every professional and server provider advises you to choose only that location where the majority of your audience, client or users live. Choosing a location as per your audience destination will help you to increase your website speed and response time. Hence your Website SEO also get increased.



Factors that Impact the SEO by the hosting location of your server

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Below are some of the SEO factors which gets affected by the location-based server hosting


Speed of your website


As per Google’s latest algorithm speed of your website is one of the most significant factors which decides the SEO of your website. The faster your website, the more it will rank higher on the website. Here your server location plays a vital role in your SEO. It makes your website very faster and speedy which affects your SEO.

Downtime and user-friendly site


Your server location can cause downtime and unreliability to your website. Normally, if your website hosting location is close to your client or audience destination then it will make sure that your website is not suffering from Downtime and is reliable to your clients and audiences. This your Site SEO get optimized.

Security of your website

Security is again a very important factor in your SEO and SERPs ranking. Whether your server hosting provider gives you a secure data location or not will decide your website’s security and privacy. The more your website will be secure the more it will be SEO optimized and will rank on Google.



Scalability of your site


The right chosen location will help you to scale your website easily in future and your website gets able to handle any amount of Visitors easily without any downtime and speed problems. It will help you to optimize your SEO.


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