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Why you should choose SSD over HDD based Australian dedicated server?

The world of the internet is evolving very rapidly. Every day new inventions and technologies are coming to light. The data storage industry is also not an exception of it. There have been several evolutions came in this industry and HDD and SSD are the result of these inventions and evolution. Choosing SSD and HDD based Australian dedicated server is entirely a personal choice which can depend on a user’s need and requirement. However, before taking any decision it is very sensible and significant to look at and understand these Storage types carefully so that you can choose the best storage type for your Australian dedicated server.

Here in this article, we shall try to explain why you should choose SSD over HDD based Australian dedicated server but before that, we must understand briefly what SSD and HDD are.

What is HDD?

HDD holds for the hard disc drive. It is a rotating magnetic disc or device that stores large data. HDD is a thin metal disc which always rotates or spins for writing and reading any data. Because of its rotating or sping complexion, It gets heat and slow.

What is SSD?

A solid-state drive, shortly known as SSD is a storage device which uses an integrated circuit to store, read and write data on the server. A solid-state drive uses flash memory for storing data. One of the gigantic differences between SSD and HDD is that, unlike HDD, SSD does not have any Moving parts which make it a very powerful and energy-efficient storage type.

Why you should choose SSD over HDD based Australian dedicated server?

Look at the below points and benefits of choosing SSD over HDD based Australian dedicated server.

Durability and reliability


In terms of durability and reliability, without any doubt, SSD is the winner. Heat is one of the major causes of losing any storage device. Since HDD has moving and spinning parts and it has to move and spin every time whenever it reads and writes any data, it makes HDD device very hot and hence HDD device’s lifetime and reliability is not so good as compared to SSD devices.

Faster experiences


One of the reasons why professional and experienced users prefer SSD instead of HDD is that it is very fast. Yes, SSD devices are very speedy or faster in comparison to hard disc drives. Faster experience implies the speed of reading and writing your server data. It can handle large amounts of data very quickly and speedy that HDD is unable to do.

Form factor or Size compatibility


SSD devices come with a great form factor. Hard disc drives were very limited because of their large size. But unlike HDDs, SSD is very small and available in different sizes. This quality of SSD makes it a very user-friendly storage device.

Weight and Noise

Because of SSD’s size compatibility, it is very lightweight and does not produce noise. HDDs are made-up of metal and it always rotates or spins which makes them very large and heavy to use. But SSD can be installed anywhere very easily.

I think now you have understood the importance of SSD in your hosting solutions. Moreover, we at IT4INT offer our all hosting solutions with solid SSDs that drive maximum efficiency at all times. check out our servers now.

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