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We as a pioneer in social media optimization and digital marketing techniques have assembled a team where we have merged experts of both the fields to give the best outcome and this team works in Whatsapp marketing. Whatsapp Marketing is in trend and you don’t want your competitor to reach the clients before you.

If you want your brand of products or services to attain the maximum reach globally, all you need to  do is contact us. Our team will further take your boat and row it for your development. Whilst you can concentrate on your business strategies, our plans will help you achieve sales goal via Whatsapp Marketing.

Our whatsapp marketing services are a real value add to the industry verticals such as Banking/Insurance/Finance Companies,Retail,Education,Health Care,Media & Entertainment and Travel & Logistics.

WhatsApp Messaging Plan


$. 149


$. 299


$. 499


$. 1999

WhatsApp Filter Plan

WhatsApp Filter

$. 100

WhatsApp Filter

$. 190

WhatsApp Filter

$. 400

WhatsApp Filter

$. 700

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Features:


Social media has become a perfect destination and market place for businessmen. And the most installed application in trend is Whatsapp. With over 1 billion downloads and ranking on top free Communication application. Whatsapp has grasped the eyes of social media marketers.

At a general day as per Whatsapp officials , Whatsapp said 55 billion messages are sent each day on platform, and users also share 4.5 billion photos and one billion videos per day. This is like an ocean of opportunity for business agency to further enhance their effect on clients. They can get the reach of every person having a phone and using Whatsapp. But its not like you can just write and it will start sharing automatically. You need to send so many messages with minute details and it is supposed to get attention of users. To solve all these issues IT4INT has taken a step ahead.

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